Apple’s new Macs have been well-covered in recent press. They’re an undeniable paradigm shift in computing. After using my M1 MacBook for a month, here are 5 less-discussed things I’ve learnt about Apple’s new computers.

The battery life in these new M1 MacBooks is nothing short of unbelievable, there’s simply no reason to keep them constantly tethered to the wall as you may have done with your old computer.

‘Using Significant Energy’ — less of a worry but still a concern

When using this MacBook Air, I expected a seismic shift in battery life. While this laptop…

Is this thing really the future of the smartphone?

I, like the rest of the tech community, have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung’s $2000 folding powerhouse that is purportedly a game changer for the smartphone industry.

The butterfly metaphor is appropriate, I guess. Source: Samsung Press

This excitement is justified, the folding arrangement of the phone is the first update to the ‘rectangle with…

How television continues to live on in a highly convoluted media world.

I stole this from Google Images, I hope no one finds out.

You know what’s funny about Instagram’s IGTV? I wrote an unpublished essay considering post TV discourses a few months back. It acknowledged many of the ideas Instagram has drawn on to craft this new mobile experience.

There’s a hell of a lot of content online today. And, often times, it…

I’m a fan of The Verge, I enjoy the way they report, it’s more transparent, and emphasises personality. Where other sites favour a degree of anonymity, The Verge highlight the importance of feel in their style, and allow their reporters to express this; feel is important in tech.

One established…

A first look at the Props token and the Rize app.

We already live in a time of democratised media. Creators, for the most part, can produce and upload whatever they like online. However, conventional platforms fall short in their misaligned concentration of value. Users are creating value for platforms, but not seeing proportional financial compensation for their output.

Props aims…

I have an interesting wallet.

My wallet is not an ordinary wallet, it can’t be purchased in a store, and it’s certainly not designer.

My wallet is an elastic band, that surrounds my cards. It’s that simple. It’s not an original idea, I think it came from a lifehacker article

Alex Firth

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